glimpse of america

Dedicated Website: GLIMPSE OF AMERICA

Time: 2015 - 2016
Space: From Miami to Los Angeles and Azores
Place: Roads, Cities, Deserts, Islands
Method: Driving, filming, editing, documenting, archiving, interviewing, painting

We travel for 25 days
from Miami to L.A
passing through Florida, Savannah, Baltimore, Washington DC,
Newark, New York City, Detroit, Chicago, New Mexico,
Arizona, Las Vegas, California.
We met people and places all around.
We filmed them.
We followed ‘Lezioni Americane’
(Six Memos for the Next Millennium, 1988) by
Italo Calvino
along the way.
And then we ended out to Azores Island,
we met other people,
we filmed them and then again
we come back to America and we ask to our friend Know Hope to read the whole story.
We did a
micro documentary
on ever-changing perspectives of the United States.
Not organized chronologically, the film narrative is divided into six thematic chapters:

lightness, quickness, exactitude,
visibility, multiplicity, consistency.

Each chapter takes its name not from a movement or style but from values of literature.
Works of art, lands and pepole are displayed together.

By simultaneously mining and questioning our vision, we do not want to arrive at a comprehensive survey or tidy summation, but rather at a critical new beginning: the first of many stories still to tell.


Faced with a variety of dislocate temporalities and spaces that we called new«architecture of time» in the last two years we thought about new forms of representation as well as new space-time analytical tools to tackle the framework within which people can have a glimpse on what is happening.

We choose U.S.A. because American urban neighborhood and its natural environment
are above all the backdrop of everyday life of their inhabitants but also a kind of
larger animated landscape.


According to the idea that murals are to a certain point temporary and so they are an experience rather than an object, ideas about spatiotemporal and dynamic visualization have spread through Neo Muralism as well as architecture. In this journey they will be identified, analyzed and realized in order to document them in a meta film.

Even though we are examining Neo Muralism as a profoundly influential but still understudied phenomenon, a history that has yet to be written, we think the term 'contemporary' seems to shake off all historicism, and thus floats somewhere outside of historical determination, conceptual definition and critical judgment. As well as we think the power of this artistic discipline is that it’s against any forms of classification. It shies away from any temporal interpretation.
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