“Room Service” group show. 2501 - HaloHalo - Lucamaleonte - Rero - Sbagliato at Reggia di Caserta

Reggia di Caserta - Italy - 2017

This work is the union of two researches that I have been pursuing for a long time.
It's a mix between two series called "Dynamic Influences" and "Obstacles to elevation".
The last one it's a work I have done with the artist Know Hope about an allegory of common tools used in New Muralism p.ractice

The scaffolding is both a tool to paint a wall and a "ready made" that influences painting itself with its shadows by emphasizing the centrality of process behind New Muralism at the expense of the aesthetic result.

Lighting of the workpiece is entirely entrusted to the spectator who can change the entire lighting of the work by moving lights.
During the exhibition scaffolding has been dismantled in front of the audience as a performance.

Scaffolding also becomes a tribute to the historical show "Terrae Motus" that has always been in these rooms. "Terrae Motus" is a collection donated by Gianni Amelio to the Reggia di Caserta Museum after the devastating earthquake of Irpinia in 1980. Art works by Josept Beuys, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Robert Rauschenberg, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Jannis Kounellis, Christian Boltanski, Richard Long and many others has been shown on scaffoldings as symbol of the displacement in new spaces.