“Nomadic Experiment - Negative Space” solo show at Maurizio Caldirola Contemporary Art Gallery

Monza - Italy - 2015

The black marks that compose the Negative Space series are not icons: they do not serve to create static images but to reveal the temporal dimension of the pictorial action. In Negative Space, the recorded lines of time dilated by the action are, therefore, the geometrical composition of artistic time.
We are dealing with experiments analysable within an open conceptual system, one that allows space for a meeting between various levels of rules: on the one hand those established by the artist and, on the other, those dictated by chance events.
2501 pushes forward this kind of interweaving of chance, phenomenon, and action because he considers it part of the rules of the game, rules established by his conceptual order but, necessarily, contaminated and modified by the people and events that enter the scene.
We are dealing with works/systems that act inside a network of rules established a priori by the artist and which then autonomously develop over a longer period of time. A whole series of random chances is more a part of his system than his initial rules, but at the same time they generate a new narrative and aesthetic structure that has an advantage over a purely conceptual or structural one.
The Nomadic Experiment in this case is not to be understood either in purely abstract and conceptual terms or through a Situationist kind of emotive interpretation, but in a way that is in part different, one that tends rather to allow itself to be contaminated by the context in which it works and which dislocates his output.

By overlapping paper sheets on the wall the surplus of the work creates another relevant shape which traces the process. Image is created by compositional elements in relation to negative space image can be defined as experiential place with emphasis on interval.

The series of geometric sculpture made of cut pipes and fittings of copper could be infinitely arranged into different shapes.
They create an “organic lines segments” which plays with negative spaces.
N° 6 copper pipes - each one 2,5 m x 14 mm
N° 2 copper spiral - each one 10 m
Unlimited number of copper fitting, each spiral has been cut into different sequences one in random the other one is planned All pipes have been cut into fragments of 25 cm
One spiral has benn cut into a sequenze of 50/25 cm
The other one into a random sequence according to the following artist’s selection:
50CM - 35CM - 70CM - 50CM - 60CM - 40CM - 40CM - 70CM - 40CM - 60CM - 77.5CM - 77.5CM - 160CM