"LA MACCHINA" solo show at MAC Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Lissone

Lissone - Italy - 2016

"La Macchina” series is a project based on devices that let people paint on a roller with 2501's
customized tools and brushes. The participatory public can develop texture, experiment and play a
role in creating temporary site specific artwork which records the movement of lines in time. By
moving back and forth in a loop between the public and the surface the paint continues to change. It
is a kind of machine that takes an input of line, i.e. it receives visual info and gives you back
information, transferring it, translating it into collective visual terms. You can skim through the roll of
paper painted by the audience and see represented in it a concept derived from the most elementary
idea in cybernetics, that of input-output. The fundamental idea is one of feedback, an idea in the
cybernetic background, in which the aim is for there to be no difference between the painter and the
public who follows La Macchina’s flow. The public create the paint as much as the loop does: both
things happen contemporaneously.

A new model of La Macchina 08 was presented in 2016 at 2510’s solo show “LA MACCHINA” at the MAC, Museum of Contemporary Art in Lissone. Again, lines, textures, traces in a continuous interaction between pictorial gesture and automatic movement have determined sequence and
parameters of sounds through a kinect device. During the opening, the artist led a live set performance, conceived as a synthesis of progression of content and techniques in the exhibition, and he enabled textures and signs produced by LA MACCHINA of dialoguing with sounds of a battery and a modular analog synthesizer Doepfer.

pics by Ronni Campana