"Processi Generativi" solo show at Inner State Gallery

Detroit - USA - 2016

My concept of painting is based on the continuity of experience, on flow rather then stillness, and it is for this reason that I am not going to show you a sequence of static, motionless slides, but something moving. Pictures and art pieces are static and indoor but they tell a story in motion and they are the result from outdoor processes.

Designed and painted expressly for a specific abandoned building, the poster defines the external space with respect to the building, and left free to move from the top to the bottom, lets in the air and light coming from holes, cuts and sections of the building. The tilt of the poster, between black lines, grey diagonal and white paper allows to see the unfinished inside of the architecture but it reminds also a personal fight against the wind and the difficulty of working with external surrounding. Because a poster of 15 meters for 5 meters is a huge canvas but also a disobedient sail. It able to exist in superposition, above, below, to go up, to go down but it and I were also forced to perform certain actions.

Starting from macro I cut the poster into many different micro pieces then I recomposed, overlapped and worked on them with dry press. The lines to be printed are cut into an iron plate which is then dipped into acid that bites into the surface of the plate where it was exposed. The expanded lines of the poster became the narrative of the fragmented compositions and traces of a real action and of others micro changes generated by acid in final piece. As the acid affects the iron plates always producing new results even if they start from a preset pattern so the aim of the exhibition is starting from some point to generate new beginnings. An approach that recall external and internal actions and their relationship always produces combined results and trigger other generative processes.